Data Storage and backup


Storage+ Additional storage space

DF Cloud private cloud is built upon the usage of high-reliability storage area network (SAN). For mixed deployment scenarios of virtual and physical infrastructure, applications clusters, secure storage backups, or other problems, related to the placement of corporate data within the Storage+ service, extra storage space is provided. In order to ensure high reliability of the system, all Storage+ data is placed on a separate SAN.




Possible to use as a network drive or unformatted extra storage space

In order to fulfill the most demanded business scenarios of using additional storage space, connection can be also made using iSCSI, NFS and other protocols.

Performance for different tasks

Different performance levels are available when using our services. An optimal solution is chosen for a specific load profile.

Tape-drives long-term storage.

For the reliable long-term storage of rarely used data, when you compare cost of 1 GB, an optimal solution is to use storage on tape-drives


Data and virtual machines backup

Important data is worth tens or even hundreds hours of work, and it should not be lost. That’s why in addition to the high level of virtual machines availability in DF Cloud, as an additional safety measure for unforeseen circumstances, for example an accidental removal of virtual machine rom the system by the client himself, an automatic backup of all virtual machines is made, with length of storage of up to 3 days. To implement more stringent data recovery scenarios, we offer the best offers for the backup, on the given applications level, as well as on the virtual machines level.



This is the solution for the data backup of the critical business applications, specific to their work. Flexible options allow you to choose the optimal implementation in terms of costs and the responsibility differentiation between the provider and the customer



Everyday copies –

An optimal scenario for the backup of most systems with length of storage starting from a standard business cycle of 1 week and more

Operational copies –

Your important work will not be lost. Backup of chosen virtual machines is done with less than an hour interval. This opens up opportunities for an emergency recovery.


Solutions for disaster recovery

One of the key tasks of the IT department is to maintain uninterrupted business, accounting for the existing restrictions. It is required to minimize the possibility of interruptions in the corporate IT systems work and to provide them with the most rapid recovery. RTO metrics (recovery time after malfunction) and RPO (allowed time period, when data can be lost) are the key parameters that determine the sufficient reliability at the desired level of costs.



Cost-wise, an effective and optimal method for increasing the reliability of critical business applications with the usage of special technologies, such as Oracle Data Guard or Microsoft SQL Always On, allows a backup copy of the software deployment on the provider’s platform with minimal costs



Creating your own full functioning backup data center can be a time-consuming and expensive task. It is more favorable and faster to implement a DR (disaster recovery) platform to maintain parts, or entire IT systems, on the basis of already existing provider infrastructure. In addition to infrastructure solutions to improve reliability, DR plan can be developed.



For those companies that already use corporate infrastructures virtualization, but are restricted by a single data-center or a server room on provider’s platform, it is possible to deploy a full backup platform that does not depend on operation system and applications used. Using this solution, RTO will take minutes and PRO less than half an hour.

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