IaaS computing power


Private DF Cloud as a service

Safety and accessibility – key criteria when switching to cloud services. Private Cloud as a service is a physically or logically dedicated resource pool, isolated for one client only. Platform composition provides monitoring services, protection at all network levels and at the virtualization environment level, including ones in accordance with FZ-152. Network and computing infrastructure allows deploying corporate-class IT-infrastructures of any complexity, including the possibility of implementing hybrid and mixed solutions.


Ready-to-use Virtual Data Center

For our client, IBS DataFort personal cloud – is a ready to use virtual data center with a convenient management portal, data storage system, internal network and wide possibilities for connecting communication channels

Quick-response technical support

Our range of services already includes tech support for our clients, in case they have any questions.

DF Cloud On Demand

Flexible load scaling, deployment of test environments or entire corporative infrastructure in a personal cloud


Usage Billing

Fast deployment and change in the volume of vCPU, vRAM and vHDD resources if necessary. Optimal solution to most problems. Only actually used resources of virtual machines are being billed.

DF Cloud Business

Predictability and additional guaranties for high-performance of high-loaded systems.


Fixed-volume subscription

Flexible vCPU, vRAM and vHDD resources bundles with additional high-performance guarantee and redundancy of computer power.

DF Cloud Premium

Full control over computing resources, scalability and solutions implementations for the customer.

Physically dedicated resources

Special solutions for the organization of personal cloud for the client on a dedicated hardware, closely integrated with DF Cloud platform. Full control over the use, distribution and resources management.


DF Cloud. More performance for every cent

Business applications fast-response – is achieved by deploying them on the specially dedicated servers or virtual reality machines. Unlike discount-providers, DF Cloud platform provides an exceptional computing performance level of virtual reality machines at the comparable cost. This means that in order to achieve similar performance, fewer cores are needed to be rented, and in addition you will get a cost reduction by decreasing a number of needed software licenses, like Oracle or Microsoft.

Computing resources of vCPU and vRAM

The computing power of the platform for virtual machines in the private DF Cloud is provided by reliable and productive Cisco UCS blade-servers with Intel Xeon E-series processors.

vHDD storage space

Storage space of virtual machines may be chosen from several standard performance levels, guaranteed by SLA. Special solutions with necessary parameters are implemented for our customer’s task that has particular requirements for applications and databases.




Quality does matter. High availability of services is provided by industrial solutions and guaranteed by SLA

НThere are a lot of Cloud services on the market. But without conducting a deep analysis and understanding specifics of the offer, it may be hard to distinguish between professional cloud services and discount providers with low quality service. In this case, an answer to “If there is no difference, why pay more?” should be high quality services, based on validated industry solutions by Cisco, HP, EMC, VMWare and Microsoft, and liability guarantee enshrined in SLA


One of the most rigorous SLA

We offer one of the most rigorous SLA on the market from the standpoint of metrics and level of responsibility.

Honest SLA

A possible interruption in service operation because of server maintenance is included in availability calculations

Clear SLA

We have a clear and transparent principle for calculating liability in the case of SLA breach

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