IBS DataFort and Fortinet – maximum security of your infrastructure.

IBS  DataFort, a Russian supplier  of infrastructural services for corporate market and Fortinet, global cyber security developer, have presented integrated solution for providing distributed protection of networks against external and internal threats based on the infrastructure core and cloud technologies, while providing security and management.

Fortinet integrated security system is designed to address the threats and vulnerabilities that have emerged as a result of the development of virtual economies and corporate IT infrastructures, by combining autonomously operating systems into a single architecture. Fortinet’s security concept is based on the following interdependent principles – covering the entire surface of the attack, ensuring security without compromising performance, and a quick and coordinated response to threats.

The joint solution provides effective protection of information exchange between the virtual environment and the external environment. Thus, our customers can use a combination of physical and virtual Fortinet solutions that can function simultaneously and be managed with a single console. FortiGate virtual security gateways provide a wide range of security and network functions for the customers’ information systems, deployed on the DF Cloud platform, such as Firewall, application management, VPN, antivirus, intrusion prevention, website filtering, anti-spam and others. IBS DataFort offers access to these functions on the basis of a  monthly subscription and payment for the amount of filtered traffic, which allows you to flexibly scale the performance and add the necessary functionality as needed.

The main advantages and capabilities of IBS DataFort and Fortinet’s integrated solutions are:

1) Automation to reduce IT-management cost – provides policies-based network access;
2) Assessment of dynamic mobility – detects suspicious network traffic, events and anomalies and allows only trusted devices to access network resources;
3) Application control. Provides detailed control over more than 2400 applications and behaviors in each application to prevent application-related threats or risky user behavior;
4) Advanced Malware Detection – provides a heuristic behavior-based mechanism, cloud-based AV services that include an isolated operating system software environment and an IP bot reputation database to protect against modern threats;
5) Automatic fixes for incompatible devices – automatically removes or isolates incompatible or infected virtual machines on the network based on risk tolerance policies;
6) Secure and automated Onboarding – users have secure access to network resources that they need to perform business tasks on corporate and personal devices.

“Nowadays, cyber security is the basis for the successful development of any company. A recent major attack demonstrated to the whole world that absolutely any computer can be under real threat. Recently we see an active growth of interest in network security issues both in Russian and international companies. It is extremely important for organizations to have full visibility and control of the sources and users of data traffic in their network, – says Mikhail Voronkov, director of business development at IBS DataFort. We would like our partnership with Fortinet to raise awareness about the need for a professional solution to the security problem. And being the leaders of our industry, we do everything to ensure that our customers receive the most advanced technologies that will stand guard over their business. ”

“Today, threats are becoming more sophisticated, autonomous and secretive. The task of heads of information security is not easy. It is necessary to provide comprehensive protection of the organization within all corporate environments and devices, from IoT to the cloud, as well as to establish data exchange between these elements and not lose performance, – says Mikhail Rodionov, head of Fortinet representative office in Russia. The choice of advanced technologies is extremely important here. We are confident that cooperation with IBS DataFort will provide reliable and highly effective protection to all interested companies regardless of the scope and size. “