IBS DataFort announces commercial launch of the DF INDICUM O2X object data service in partnership with TRONIC LAB

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DF INDICUM O2X serviceincludes:

• provision and maintenance of object storage;
• organization of access for receiving and transmitting information;
• operative capacity building of the service delivery platform;
• 24x7x365 support for users around the clock

The service provides the solution of the following tasks:
• organization of the repository for document management systems;
• archiving (for example, to comply with legal requirements);
• storage of records of video surveillance systems;
• storage and distribution of media content (video, music);
• placing static content on websites;
• storage of backup copies;

The service approach provides a significant reduction in the creation costs and using object storage costs, allowing you to completely transfer administrative tasks from your own IT service to the service provider.
The cloud-based object storage DF INDICUM O2X is built on the basis of the software-hardware solution INDICUM O2X for the organization of high-performance object storage of the Russian company “TRONIK-LAB”. An access protocol compatible with the Amazon Simple Storage Service S3 API, using HTTP / HTTPS protocols as the transport of data transfer is implemented.

A distinctive advantage of the DF INDICUM O2X service organization, in partnership with Tronik-LAB, is the ability to provide customers with not only a basic, infrastructure service, but also industry-specific functional solutions using the appropriate metadata models:

  • Medicine (supports DICOM and HL7 CDA format);
  • video surveillance (support for video streaming);
  • integration with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions via REST-compatible application programmer interface;
  • media content processing (MVPD) and interactive television
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LLC “TRONIK-LAB” (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)


LLC “TRONIK-LAB” is a vertically integrated company engaged in the development and delivery of its own solutions for cloud storage of data of both general type and industry modification. Associate member of Smart City Global Solutions Alliance (Singapore).

Tronik-LAB is the only company in Russia that implements the data storage solution in a wide range of market models: IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, PAC, hybrid storage and private cloud storage design in the form of alienable software. The company’s clients are medium and large Russian and foreign enterprises and state structures.

The company’s products are used in projects of digital medicine, smart cities, semantic data processing, IoT, telecom, in implementing the concept of “Safe City”, also in the design of
intracorporate storage and data exchange systems.