IBS DataFort opbtained Platinum status of Dell EMC partner: even more opportunities for your business.

IBS DataFort, a professional infrastructure services provider for the corporate market, has obtained the Platinum partner status from Dell’s EMC IT equipment manufacturer. This partnership will bring together strengths and experience of both companies in order to provide high quality services to our customers.

Only companies with the appropriate resources and expertise as an indicator of their professionalism in their category get the platinum status of Dell EMC. IBS DataFort has proven its technical qualifications of its specialists in order to obtain this status. Dell EMC storage systems, servers and network equipment help to build capacity and develop already existing cloud platform DF Cloud, serving dozens of large corporate clients.

According to Mikhail Voronkov, director of business development at IBS DataFort, digital transformation is a prerequisite for organizations that seek to take leading positions in the market. A technological partnership with such giants as Dell EMC, makes it possible for companies to move into the digital economy.

Mikhail Voronkov: “The status of Dell EMC Platinum partner will allow us to organize services using the best modern technology practices that are relevant to our customers from more than fifteen different business sectors.”

“We have been cooperating successfully with IBS DataFort since 2013, and we are pleased to announce the assignment of the Platinum status to the partner as a part of the Dell EMC unified program,” said Konstantin Isahakian, distribution and supply director for Dell EMC in Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia. “The new status is an indicator of the qualitative growth of the partner, and we are happy to offer unique conditions for the further development of the business.”


Dell-emc-platinom partner