Security and FL-152


Informational security consulting

In addition to the standard platform solutions to ensure the safe deployment of corporate infrastructures in DF Cloud personal cloud, separate information systems or an entire client’s infrastructure can be audited for a qualitative or quantitative assessment on the level of its protection from malicious attacks.
Security audit is carried out by a group of experts, and the size and composition such group depends on the goals and tasks of the inspection, as well as on the complexity of the evaluated object. The audit recommendations will be made to improve the level of security that can be implemented with the help of standard IBS DataFort informational security services or special solutions.


Main types of informational security audit:
 expert security audit, during the course of which, shortcomings in the system of information security on the basis of experts’ experience are revealed;

 assessment of conformity to guidelines of ISO 17799, as well as the requirements of Directives by FSTEC (Technical commission);

 instrumental analysis of IP protection, aimed at identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities in software-hardware system;

 complex audit that includes all the means of assessment listed above

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