Security and FL-152


Informational Security Services

IBS DataFort cloud services are provided on the basis of a reliable and secure service providing platform. For a secure deployment and operation of infrastructures in personal DF Cloud, a set of needed measurements necessary to ensure the physical defense and control of access to the equipment was implement, as well as perimeter protection against external threats, firewall and network traffic isolation, virtualization environment protection, protection against unauthorized access from the personnel.

In order to ensure comprehensive protection of client’s corporate data and infrastructures, we prove a set of additional services and products on informational security from protecting the data transmission channels up to protecting users’ workspaces and the control systems of distribution of confidential information.



Network services
 VPN encryption using GOST or IPSec protocols

 Virtual Firewall Cisco, Brocade, Fortinet

 Protection against DDoS attacks

 DPI traffic analysis

Information protection
 Antivirus protection of servers and workspaces

 Introduction of DLP (Data Leak Protection) systems

 Protection of confidential data from the Seclore IRM spread

Complex Solutions
 Development of solutions for security in client’s infrastructure in DF Cloud

 Integration of DataFort informational security systems with existing client’s systems

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