IT systems migration to a personal cloud

Deployment of infrastructure from scratch in a personal cloud is the most important for new companies that are trying to build a flexible and scalable, according to the needs and business growth, IT infrastructure. For the companies that already have an existing infrastructure, it is important to preserve past investments. The best choice would be the deployment of a hybrid solution. Hybrid solution enables you to share IT systems deployed in both your own data center and provider’s data center or to begin using cloud infrastructure from transferring your variable load systems, such as development and test environments or non-critical business systems, to a personal cloud.

Infrastructure transfer
to DF Cloud


Transfer of entire infrastructure from client’s data center and deployment of all IT systems in a private DataFort cloud, including a possibility of organizing international communication channels with a subsequent outsourcing of IT systems.

Distributed clusters
in the DF Cloud
private cloud


Transfer and deployment of heavy databases by Oracle or Microsoft in failover cluster configurations without interrupting the service.

in client’s data center
and DF Cloud personal cloud


Partial Transfer of IT systems and deployment of additional computing power on the provider’s platform. Integration with existing IT systems.




280 points of sale, 4,000 agents in 200 settlements in the Russian clients –
700,000 Russians, as well as major international and Russian companies.


Need for the project:
 Create a flexible and scalable infrastructure to provide customer services in the Russian Federation
 Improve the quality of IT services by increasing the efficiency of information exchange between geographically dispersed offices and the transfer of some functions to outsourcing
 To ensure compliance with requirements of the legislation regarding processing of personal data (FL-152/242)


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