Modern retailers – ones of the most promising and active users of insfrastractural services

Collaboration with a cloud service provider allows a retailer to not build its own data center, but buy equipment, or hire dedicated personnel who are responsible for servicing such equipment at the physical level. They can fully concentrate on their business, said in an interview with CNews Mikhail Voronkov, director of business development at IBS DataFort.

CNews: What cloud services are demanded by retail?

Mikhail Voronkov: In our opinion, modern retailers are ones of the most promising and active users of the infrastructure services, because the amount of information in their systems grows exponentially every day with every sale and growth in the volume of the analysis. This gives birth to the need for several services at once. In our experience, the main need for the services of a third-party provider is now to ensure disaster stability. We guarantee our customers the construction of infrastructure, taking into account the requirements of business and regulators to the continuity of processes and emergency recovery.

The second most popular is the storage of data, with the possibility of an operative change in volume both in the direction of increasing and decreasing. Well, the third is the need for the possibility of a radical scaling of the infrastructure against the backdrop of the increasing popularity of events such as “Black Friday”, when the shops are simultaneously confronted with more than 2-fold increase in visitors to their sites.

CNews: Why are cloud provider services more profitable than creating your own cloud?

Mikhail Voronkov: I will say simply – it is much more convenient. You will not need to build your own data center, as well as purchase equipment, you do not need to hire special personnel who are responsible for servicing equipment at the physical level. Customers can give all these to the service of a professional IT service provider. In the client’s area of responsibility lies key competence – the management of enterprise applications directly responsible for automating business processes.

CNews: Can you give the most interesting examples of your work with retail companies.

Mikhail Voronkov: We always gladly share the most interesting examples of cooperation on the pages of CNews.  Interesting in its dynamics was the provision of resources for our client on a major event, Black Friday. Being halt annually, “black Friday”, is becoming a serious test for the IT infrastructure of companies – the influx of visitors to online stores is increasing several times.

This year our client is one of the largest international companies in the sphere of production and marketing of natural cosmetics – thanks to participation in ensuring the safety of 100% of the accessibility of our company. At the same time, the surcharge for additional resources connected for a week of sales was only 30% of the monthly rent that paid off during the first couple of hours of stable order reception.

All of his is possible thanks to the private cloud service provided by DF Cloud, that allows additional usage of resources with guaranteed performance, as well as “Virtual Machines servicing”, that includes monitoring its operability and emergency reactions By applying all this in our work, we managed to prepare its online resource to achieve maximum activity in the maximum volume of sales and ensure its continuous operation during the entire sales period.

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