Network and data center services


Provided on the basis of 2x Tier III data centers in Moscow

Building your own data center requires significant expenditures, time, and solving problems linked with the permits registrations and the search for a suitable site. To access the IT systems deployed in their own data center, it is further needed to organize additional communication channels. That is why in most cases, an optimal solution in terms of balance between reliability and cost to accommodate IT structures or creating combined solutions (virtual infrastructure in collaboration with dedicated equipment) would be placing such IT infrastructure in provider’s data-centers.


In our data centers to ensure high infrastructure reliability, all the necessary decisions in accordance with the recommendations of the standard TIA-942 for the Tier III data centers are implemented.

 Independent cable inputs

 Redundant backup diesel generators

Automated conditioning and fire extinguishing systems

 A set of measures to ensure the access control and physical security

 Points of presence on MMTC9, MMTC10. Connections to the networks of 3 independent telecommunications operators


Network Services and Communication channels

Providing professional corporate-class cloud services is impossible without quick and reliable access to the resources and equipment located in the provider’s data center. DataFort is a telecommunications operator and has all the necessary licenses to provide relevant services. All the services are provided on the basis of its own network infrastructure and IBS DataFort redundant ring optic fiber network between data centers.










Implemented on the basis of industrial solutions

A wide variety of data transmission rate allows choose the necessary bandwidth of the channel between 64 kbit/s to 10 Gbit/s depending on the business needs. High service reliability and SLA level is ensured through the use of the equipment from the leading world manufactures

  Internet Access

Redundant connection through multiple providers, organization of interaction between BGP autonomous client systems, provision of extra services, such as organization of DMZ, NAT and provision of public IPv4 addresses.

 Dedicated L2 VPN channels

Reliable and secure access with specified quality parameters, including the possibility of organizing international communication channels with a clear SLA, which is especially important for multinational companies operating in Russia.

 VPN connection with IPSec of GOST encryption

For secure connection of users or distributed client’s office to infrastructure deployed in a DF Cloud private cloud

 Protection against DDoS attacks

Protection of important corporate systems accessible from the internet allows not losing client’s orders or ensures the normal work of the employees who are out of office. To protect the internet access channels, an industrial solution from Allot Communications is used.

 Optic fiber renting and organization of optical communication channels

Special solutions for organizing leased communication lines on client’s platform.

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