Object storage



professional object storage service.


DF INDICUM O2X service includes:

  • provision and maintenance of object storage;
  • organization of access for receiving and transmitting information;
  • operative capacity building of the service delivery platform;
  • 24x7x365 support for users around the clock

The service provides the solution of the following tasks:

  • organization of the repository for document management systems;
  • archiving (for example, to comply with legal requirements);
  • storage of records of video surveillance systems;
  • storage and distribution of media content (video, music);
  • placing static content on websites;
  • backup storage;

Access to DF INDICUM O2X resources is possible via the Internet, a dedicated L2VPN communication channel or from a virtual data center provided as a part of DF Cloud computing service.


Advantages of DF INDICUM O2X service


DF INDICUM O2X service is distinguished by high profitability – only the amount of actually stored data and outgoing traffic is paid. Tariffication is performed by a certified billing system on an hourly basis. Requests for operations with object storage, in contrast to similar Western services, are not charged.


При загрузке в хранилище INDIXUM O2X данные пользователя дополнительно защищаются от несанкционированного доступа уникальным криптографическим ключом. Возможна организация цифровой нотаризации и проверки достоверности содержимого хранимых данных на основе технологии Blockchain.


When loaded into the INDIXUM O2X store, user data is additionally protected from unauthorized access by a unique cryptographic key. It is possible to organize digital notarization and validation of the contents of stored data on the basis of Blockchain technology.

Fast start

Connection to the service is carried out on the next working day from the placement of the standard order form. The use of HTTP / HTTPS (80/443 port) allows you to connect to the service without complicated configuration of the firewall on the client side. The service is scalable from several hundred gigabytes (GB) to petabytes (PB).


The service is built on reliable corporate-level equipment. The service is provided on the basis of two data centers in Moscow, which makes it possible to use internal mechanisms of object storage to improve fault tolerance and ensure data security. Guaranteed availability (SLA) is 99.93%.

Compliance with the requirements of FZ-152

The service is provided under the License for the provision of telematic communication services from a platform located on the territory of the Russian Federation (no transboundary data transfer). The platform is protected by a certified firewall and intrusion detection system. A regular analysis of vulnerabilities is performed. Versioning support allows you to restore the correct version of the file if you accidentally change or delete it.


* In the object approach, the data is stored together with their description (metadata). This provides easy access, metadata search, and the ability to implement additional extensive functionality using metadata on the business application side. The use of special technical metadata greatly simplifies the implementation of solutions for storing information in distributed environments, version control and increased fault tolerance.
Thus, object storage allows to increase the usefulness of the information collected by companies and to make changes in business processes more efficiently and more quickly.