Roman Khafizov, General Director and co-founder of MAP: “Thanks to IBS DataFort, I can fully focus on business development with confidence in protection, speed and high-quality data processing”

– Tell us about your company.

Roman Khafizov: MAP company exists for only 2 years, but it has already went a long way in the main business. It is a processing center that works with international payment systems of NSPC, Visa and Master Card and other circuit processors of credit cards. We cooperate with leading banks and partners in Russia, CIS, Asia and Europe.

As a small epilogue, I want to share the pride in the successful launch of the project for the leading online travel agencies in Russia and the most expensive for us all initiative of the company to conserve the nature of our planet! We participate in the safe and secure exchange and storage of data in favor of the reserve, which stores the life of our planet, our culture and the crystal Baikal Lake.

But we must understand that there is a somewhat mundane story about the security of data. These are both physical devices, documented formalities, and current realities, which do not allow you to be distracted from monitoring information about our customers.

– What infrastructure is necessary to ensure the operation of your company?

In order to ensure the work of the company we needed an IT infrastructure for storing, processing and transferring data of payment bank cards. This is a simple minimum, but it was not so easy to capture. Data security must comply with the international standard of PCI DSS, the requirements of 152-FL “On Personal Data”, as well as the newly adopted Laws in Russia and by-laws. And, of course, we make the most stringent requirements for communication channels and data storage and processing systems. First of all, it is the continuity of their work and the availability of resources.

There is one more essential requirement.

Our main clients are trading companies of various service areas. For example, travel agencies, online stores and other services. For example, their business often depends on seasonal factors. We, with the help of flexible build-up of computing resources, must provide them with a continuous flow of payments and a minimum time for conducting payment transactions, so that customers (ordinary consumers) do not have to wait for a long time to confirm payment, and the queue does not accumulate at the outlet.

You would not believe it, but it’s a very important factor. Although, I think that you can remember a number of cases when you yourself, either at the checkout in the supermarket experienced emotional pressure from the next buyer at the time of a long “exchange of information between the bank and the store,” or when you were waiting for a SMS to confirm online payment via the Internet . But the Internet provider is the one that works (or does not work) here!

– How was the ICT infrastructure of MAP created?

At the startup stage, we decided to use the cloud solution based on previous experience. Initially, we chose Azure. However, the quality of the services provided, was completely unacceptable by us. First, Azure refused to conclude the contract in any form with a legal entity. It is clear that in this situation we could not receive legally significant accounts for payment of services. It is logical that it was necessary to design an accessible storage and data processing service… And then it began!

Just an example. One day, moreover, it was a day off (non-working in Russia), Azure employees or service simply erased our payment and card database. All payments became inaccessible. The restoration of working capacity took three days, and all this time our business was “on the verge of an abyss”!

We started searching for a new provider. We had two basic requirements.

First of all – the provider must have capacities and physical servers plus protection conditions on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Secondly – the terms of cooperation with him should be simple and understandable. As a result, our choice fell on IBS DataFort. And it wasn’t just because of a profitable commercial offer.

This is an understandable and usual conversation of future partners. I was bribed by the willingness and ability of the manager representing this company to participate in the solution of our business problems and their working implementation.

– What kind of ICT infrastructure have you got today?

As a result, today, on the site of IBS DataFort, we received a self-contained cloud solution that fully complies with our requirements for the quality of services, the terms of international standards and current Russian legislation.

Since the provider itself (IBS DataFort) is certified to the PCI DSS standard, we were able to share the requirements of the standard, which significantly reduced our labor, temporary, and, most importantly, financial costs. It is important that we got a great advantage from the contract for the future, because with this form of cooperation, we seriously reduced the level of complexity and cost of our own PCI DSS audit. As a result, we have a remarkable service model without significant investment from our side.

I am completely satisfied with the SLA itself, and the way it is observed. My call to the manager of IBS DataFort will be equally received both during working hours and on weekends, and I always know that any issues will be quickly resolved thanks to an effectively adjusted solution to the escalation of problems.

I am honestly happy, and I am sure that I was not mistaken in the choice. I am impressed by the quality of services, and the communication and support that IDA receives from IBS DataFort. Thanks to cooperation with such a partner, I can not worry about how my IT infrastructure works, but concentrate completely on business development. We, in partnership with IBS DataFort, do their business without detriment to the main direction and effectively complement each other.

– You said that one of the basic requirements for the provider was the ability to scale the infrastructure. Have to use it?

Yes! And it was a very interesting story. Anything can happen in business. Once it took us a short time to reduce, and then suddenly increase the amount of consumed computing resources. I called the manager the day before, Friday. As a result, provider specialists without any complaints carried out the work. This moment was very important for me – I realized how convenient it is to use the services of a well-functioning operating model, quickly and without the cost of own equipment and personnel.


Dmitry Biryukov, Head of Commercial Department, IBS DataFort:

The team of MAP, led by Roman, very clearly calculated the advantages of a professional “cloud” over the simplest opaque services, backed up by banal offers.

We offered MAP an understandable ruble pricing, and prices were fixed in a full-fledged contract, corresponding to the Law, for three years. IBS DataFort provided the partner full compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Law and divided the requirements into several categories of the PCI DSS standard.

The uniqueness of the work done is not in saving money, but in synergy and trust. This greatly contributes to the development of businesses, and the loyalty of our customers. It is simple. Unlike public services, with us MAP has the ability to customize services for their business requirements and administer their services at any time, on request, which can be issued by different communication channels.

Despite the previously mentioned experience of compliance with data security conditions, it is worth noting that for us this was the first client that we connected to our platform taking into account the requirements to ensure the required level of the PCI DSS standard. Having completed it, we opened a new page of our business, and today for us the ecosystem of payment services is a significant part of a fast-growing and very promising target audience.


– What proposals, in your opinion, are still lacking in the Russian market?

A very big problem with which we, as a business, come across are software licenses that are quite expensive and not always available for objective reasons. I keep silent about the lack of confidence in the correctness of data processing. Although this is a logical practice for enterprise solutions, which the business is reasonably used to trust.

We, in the conditions of current realities and forecasts, see, and even noticeably feel, the cost of such services. Especially when the manufacturer or supplier is outside the ruble payments. We will not discuss how free analogs can provide the necessary level of reliability and functionality. The argument and fact are simple – the actual impossibility of budget planning. I think that the possibility of renting similar or exactly the same software products at reasonable prices would be very much in demand in the market. At the moment, our company managed to do so on a parity basis and mutual understanding with the IBS DataFort company.

I am grateful to the simple two factors that are clear and fixed: accessibility. Affordability for the partner and accessibility for the partner’s client.

– What services, in your opinion, is it necessary for IBS DataFort to add to the already available package of offers?

Let us start with a simple example. Recently came into force the Law 54-FL “On the use of cash registers”, which obliged many retailers to switch to online cash registers literally in a matter of days. I think that such a solution as part of the product from IBS DataFort would be very effective. If we develop this idea, then there are a number of material and physical costs associated with both current legislation and regulations and rules in the international arena. However, to meet these seemingly formal requirements, it is necessary for almost every company to spend significant and resources incommensurable with the main business (it is not necessary to argue that any successful company is in the e-commerce area).

Dmitry Biryukov, Head of Commercial Department, IBS DataFort: Roman, we are actively working on it.