Security and FL-152


Secure FL-152 and PCI DSS infrastructures

In order for the information systems, where personal data is being processed, to be consistent with the legal requirements, we have implemented a basic set of measures to ensure the protection of the virtualization platform, network and computing infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

On request, private cloud can be set up to achieve full compliance with Federal Law 152 with level of protection up to US-2, PCI DSS, all the relevant supporting documentation will be prepared and the certification of the system will be carried out.


IBS DataFort is a company that provides ISPD protection by FL-152

It has all the necessary FSTEC and FBI licenses to carry out the protection of personal data for commercial companies. Service platform complies with the technical and organizational requirements for the protection of personal data.

Informational system of personal data (ISPD)

Informational system, representing a collection of personal data, contained in a database, as well as informational technologies and technical means, allowing to carry out processing of such personal data using automatization tools or without the use of such tools.

Personal data operator

State/municipal authority, legal or natural person, alone or in cooperation with other people engaged in the processing of personal data, as well as defining the purpose of processing data, personal data composition and actions (operations) performed with personal data.


Data safety
during transmission

Certified firewalls

Detection and prevention tools from IPS intrusions

VPN encryption of transmission channels

Anti-virus protection

Data safety
during storage

Physical safety in data center

Data encryption in the storage device, storage array or file system of the virtual machine

Control of informational security events and protection of virtualization

Monitoring of Informational security events

Separation of administrative rights

Administrator’s actions logging

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