Providing IT specialists

If to perform a specific task your company does not have a required IT specialist, or his current workload does not allow him to complete such task in the given short terms, you can entrust it to our engineers. We provide only qualified experts, whose level of training is sufficient for the qualitative completion of the task in the required time.



Professionally and quick

We provide our specialists to fulfill a vast range of applications from construction works, to configuration of a complicated network or server hardware and programming platforms. Their skill level is confirmed by the corresponding certificates from leading vendors (Cisco, HP, VMWare, Microsoft, e.t.c)

Individual works in coordination (e.g. installation of equipment in the data center, switch configuration, software updates and installation in the workspace)

 Typical work upon agreement (service when requested with a single bill for the period. For example, a request to change the server configuration or replace a printer cartridge)

Implementation of non-standard tasks and projects as agreed with the client.

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