Since 2001 we offer our services to ensure that our clients’ business remains uninterrupted

7+ years

Many clients remain our partners

3+ years

Average contract length

We are a leading provider, being one of the top suppliers of infrastructural services in Russia


racks in 3 distributed data-centers


corporate clients had moved their infrastructure to a personal DF Cloud

50 000+

work spaces in technical support and 1500 in management all over Russia

200 км

length of optical fiber communication lines


We focus on professional cloud services



Services are provided on an industrial platform, architecture and hardware from the leading companies, such as Cisco, EMC, HP, VMWare and Microsoft


Has one of the best SLA on the market in terms of parameters rigor and level of responsibility. All SLA parameters are fixed in the contract


A balanced portfolio of services, from standard services and special solutions based on the experience




24x7x365 high-quality technical support with an option of English language for our International clients


Contract is signed in Rubles with a possibility of fixing service costs for up to 3 years.

Flexible pricing models



All accounting is to be done in accordance with legislation about certified billing data.